NCAA fans had some crazy ideas.
Coke Zero made them real.

Coke Zero innovated the beverage experience by making a drink with real Coke taste and zero calories. So during their sponsorship of the NCAA basketball tournament, they set out to innovate the fan experience with the Department of Fannovation.

Despite the rapid evolution of the NCAA basketball fan experience in recent years, fans still feel strongly that there are ways to be enhanced it even more. 

With the Department of Fannovation, we decide to challenge them to submit creative ideas to enhance the fan experience.

Fans could submit their ideas and have them go head to head in the Brain Bracket. The campaign lived online, in school curriculum, and in printed materials all over campuses across America.

This was a fully integrated campaign that crowdsourced NCAA fans for ideas that improved the fan experience. 



What would people really think about Domino’s new taste?

After developing a new recipe, Domino’s wanted to know exactly what America thought about their Head Chef's efforts.

So we gave out their Head Chef's phone number.

It was a daring move for the client. They opened themselves and their actual Head Chef's personal voicemail to public critiques. It showed the commitment to transparency the brand was willing to embrace to prove they were making real improvements.

Thankfully, Chef Tate and his Domino’s team got the recipe right when thousands responded on Twitter and Facebook and called the number to leave a message.

Chef Tate himself then surprised a few customers by personally calling them back, thanking them for sharing their piece of mind.


Twitter Provides the Lowdown on Domino’s New Chicken


Domino's Pizza Tracker

Digital & Social

Domino's Pizza Tracker


The Domino's Pizza Tracker is a fun interactive way to stay entertained while following the progress of your order live online. The user places an order, then selects a theme for their Pizza Tracking experience. While their order goes through the stages of "prep", "bake", "box", and "delivery", the Tracker shows its progress in real-time right on the site. The Tracker also audibly announces when your pizza enters a new stage of the process in the style of the theme you selected.


Pete The Pizza Maker

Jamaican Parrot