Cambodia's Hidden Danger

Every 21 minutes, another man, woman or child becomes a landmine victim in Cambodia. Remnants of two decades of brutal war, an estimated 50 million landmines are still hidden just below the surface of Cambodia's land.

To bring this staggering statistic home to an otherwise apathetic population, I designed hundreds of CDs to look like grass. They were left in city gardens and on park grounds, haphazardly and without discretion - but directly in people's paths. Just like real landmines.

The CDs told the personal stories of some of Cambodia's landmine victims, further helping the finder to empathize with their plight. A prominent call for donation appeared on the CD and in the content. 

Almost all of the CDs were recovered by park goers. The few that never were picked up, we eventually found and removed. 

While only directly reaching a few hundred people with this high-impact piece, the resulting media and WOM helped multiply the effect of the message.


Chopsticks of Chance

Think Centre is an NGO whose goal is to raise awareness and policy discussion around human rights issues. 

The client asked for a simple and low cost solution to help raise awareness as well as generate new donations.

We chose to target financially independent adults at a time when they would be most motivated to react. Working with generous local restaurants and cafe chains, we set out to grab the attention of diners in restaurants during Chinese New Year – a period of great feasting, celebration and benevolence.

The communications piece needed to be tactful yet unforgettable. So we created special chopsticks packs that were placed at restaurant tables around the country. 

When diners opened each pack to tuck into their food, they found that one of the chopsticks was broken. 

Attached to the stick was a message explaining how land mine victims in Cambodia not only lose limbs but also struggle to find work as a result – making it even more difficult just to feed themselves. 

Another set of chopsticks was made available to the diner. Over 60% of the diners ended up visiting the website to make a donation.

• Cannes Lion – Bronzes
• One Show – Merit
• Singapore Creative Circle Award – Bronzes


Open, save a life

Using string and button envelopes as a powerful visual demonstration of the message, individuals freed the victim by untying the string wrapped around his neck. 

This simple act drove home just how simple it could be for people to help save a life.

Inside the envelope was a brochure to learn more about volunteering with CrisisLine and additional information about the non-profit organisation.

This piece of creative also gave me an opportunity to collaborate with the talented Dave Lupton to work on the illustrations.


• D&AD – Silver Nomination
• Cannes Lions – Bronzes
• One Show – Merits
• Clio – Bronzes
• Young Guns – Bronzes
• AWARD (Australia) – Silver

• Communication Arts