Mirror Galaxy Installation

Studio exploration for a mirror dimension multiverse-jumping typeface using intermittent reflected beams of light.

Prototype LED and classic disco ball.

East Reads West

Exploring the character a letter becomes when crossing borders: 
A study in typography and linguistics that seeks to approximately translate the articulation of the sounds of spoken English language letters into corresponding Chinese language characters.

See alphabet here.


This is a little ongoing project to channel my inner typography junky and word nerd. 
Check it out: TypeFondler

Featured on:
• Type Goodness
• Advertising Served

I ♥ NY but...

Check it out: I ♥ NY but...

Acme Aesthetics

What if cartoon characters could get cosmetic surgery?
Would cartoon characters settle for the lines they were drawn with, or would they change it? 
Would we still love them? 
Would they be happier? 
Find out at Acme Aesthetics.


Maho, which means Magic in Japanese, is a children's book I created.

The story centered around the issue of Japanese whaling ships. The story's goal is to educate a younger generation about the impacts of their consumption patterns, so the cultural change shifts as a new generation comes up.

The book comes with a silver bookmark handmade by me.

I became the Young Designer of that year (YDA 05) with this project and was featured in IDN Magazine, Singapore Straits Times & other national newspapers:

Awarded: Young Designer Award

Work seen on: 
IDN Magazine, Straits Times

One Hand Art

I fell down a mountain during a hike and broke my hand and had to wear this ridiculous contraption shortly after I moved to NYC. 

So I tried to make the best of it...

Meet my friends, Mr Catfish & Foamie.

They gained popularity fast after they made their first appearance on the streets of New York City.

At $1 per impromptu show in union square, they earned me free lunch for two weeks.
Mr Catfish died a fast death after 3 weeks, leaving behind a faint catfish smell on my forearm.

Foamie now sits in the closet, a fallback in case times ever get rough.

Throw it like a grenade


I made this for someone special. The only thing that wakes him up is smell of a fresh cup of coffee, or the promise of one. 

It's a grey-on-grey 'alarm clock' knitted out of mohair. 
I filled it with fresh-roasted coffee beans and throw it at his head like a grenade while he is still sleeping.

It's a trick. It's not unlike a salt lick the hunter uses to lure an unsuspecting deer into daylight for a clean shot. The 'snooze' button on top is non-functioning.

Tweakers and Sunshine

I lived oceanfront in sunny and weird Venice, where crazy things happened every 15 seconds.
Here's a small taste of what we saw. Welcome to Tweakers and Sunshine.


Hamster Lodge

I just love to babysit hamsters and bunnies. Seriously.
Growing up in Singapore, I always have my hams and buns with me. 

HamsterLodge was a childhood dream and now adult me owes it a chance to make it true. 

HamsterLodge isn't set for multinational expansion anytime soon nor anything that's not hamsters or bunnies at the moment
but maybe, I can help a few people find a safe and comfortable place while they are away. :-)

Check out here for boarding services for your furry little creatures.