A World Record | The Double Loop Dare

On June 30, 2012, an episode of the Team Hot Wheels fictitious storyline crossed into a real life activation at the 2012 X Games in downtown LA. 

The 66-foot-high Hot Wheels Double Loop became not only the talk of the X Games, but also its most anticipated event as two of Hot Wheels best drivers broke a Guinness World Record by racing 64:1 scale versions of die-cast toy cars into our massive 6-story loop.

While the live coverage of our event was broadcast on ESPN, our Hot Wheels coverage was cut live in the back of a mobile editing bay from a parking lot at the X Games. Our coverage was posted online within an hour of the event. No time to celebrate!


One of the major concerns we encountered before attempting the stunt was how the drivers would react to the 7 Gs of force they would experience inside the loop, the same force endured by military fighter pilots. In the weeks leading up to the event, our elite drivers (Tanner Foust & Greg Tracy) took to the air to train like pilots, getting their bodies acclimated to the intense G forces.

Now that the physical limits of the drivers were tested, it was time to test the loop. A special computer operated drone was engineered for the stunt. However, the drone crashed in nearly all its attempts—finally rendering it completely totaled. Determined not to have his world record attempt jeopardized by a computer, Green Team driver, Greg Tracy stepped-up and put his destiny in his own hands. Greg hopped behind the wheel and proved to the world that there's no substitute for a well trained driver. 



This mini-documentary tells the story of why we did what we did for Hot Wheels. Why we dared to push the limits. Why we believed in bringing childhood dreams to life. As told by the VP of design at Mattel. 


ESPN port Science did a piece breaking down the physics that went into the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare.

Guinness World Record | Corkscrew Jump

Coming on the heels of our second world record, the 2012 Hot Wheels season came to a close by taking a run at the long-standing corkscrew jump World Record. The corkscrew jump is considered the most difficult car stunt ever performed. The previous record distance was 52', set in 1974 on the set of the James Bond film "The Man With The Golden Gun." 

A life-sized buggy and custom corkscrew ramp were meticulously engineered and put through a series of rigorous tests at the Hot Wheels Test Facility. After 19 practice attempts into a stack of 3,000 boxes, our driver (Brent Fletcher) was ready to make history.


The jump became Hot Wheels 3rd Word Record, shattering the previous record by measuring a distance of 92'. The jump garnered over 6 million views on YouTube, earning millions of free global media impressions for the brand, making it the 17th most viewed ad on YouTube.


• Cannes Lions – 1 Gold & 3 Silver
• Clios – 3 Gold & 1 Bronze
• One Show – Merit
• One Show Entertainment – 2 Bronze
• Andy – Gold
• A-List Hollywood – Gold
• Three Guinness World Records




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