The story for Assassin's Creed IV "Black Flag" is set in the 18th century, during the golden age of piracy, and follows notorious pirate Edward Kenway.

A motley crew of pirates commandeered the world's oldest sailing Windjammer. Outfitted with real cannons and an extensive insurance waiver, it besieged San Diego's Comic-Con – launching Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV adventure to millions of gamers around the world.

Throughout the day, pirates and assorted stragglers and wenches descended from the deck of the 150 year-old Windjammer that had been transformed into Edward Kenway's heroic ‘Jackdaw’ from the upcoming ‘Black Flag' installment. 

Fans were drawn to the harbor to investigate the ruckus. The courageous ones ended up at the most epic pirate party a landlubber could ever experience without the risk of contracting scurvy, other infernal diseases or losing a limb (though they did sign a waiver, just in case).


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During the day, fans also experienced what it was like to live the life and battles of Edward Kenway. On deck, weapons expert Mike Loades, demonstrated the efficacy of some of the more popular ‘tools of the trade.' Three levels below deck, the ship also served as a living pirate museum. 

Meanwhile, in the Captain's quarters, fans were invited to sample and pre-order the new game and upload pics and videos of their experience to the world.

Edward Kenway scaling through the city

To bring this launch event to a global audience, Edward Kenway (played by Devinsupertramp) ran through the streets of San Diego's Gas Lamp District. Showing off his Parkour skills as he scaled buildings, he finally reached the harbor, boarded the ship and raised the Black Flag, kicking off a huge star-studded VIP party. Cannons fired through the night as wenches and deckboys served grog to the partygoers and artist Todd McFarlane hosted a poster-signing.

The video of Edward Kenway's journey has since had over 35 million views on Youtube alone, making for one massively successful global launch event.

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